2020 CCOM Standard Grade Examination (Canada) Final Result Release & Special Note

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2020 CCOM Standard Grade Examination (Canada) Final Result Release & Special Note
Dear Examinees, Parents, Teachers, and Local Organizers,
The 2020 Central Conservatory of Music (CCOM) Standard Grade Examination (Canada) results have now arrived from Beijing and we are in the process of distributing them to the examinees. Please let us know if you do not receive your results in a few weeks’ time.
Special note: due to the unique nature of this year’s exam, the numeric scores on this year’s Evaluation Sheets are provided for your reference only. In particular, the total scores are no longer out of 100 points and do not correlate with the overall results of passing or failing. In addition, BCCMA did not take part of the adjudication process. Per the Examination Guidelines, all results are final and cannot be challenged.
We thank all examinees for your participation. We will be releasing the schedule and guidelines for the 2021 CCOM exam shortly.
If you have any questions, please contact mail@bccma.net.


2020 CCOM Exam Committee
B.C. Chinese Music Association


2020年度 【音樂學院 校外音樂水平等級考試(加拿大區)】的成績和證書已從北京抵加,我們正在將其分發給各地考生。 如果您於未來數週後仍未收到結果,請與我們聯絡查詢。
鑑於加拿大各地的疫情變化,本屆考試無論在內容、操作方式等均有所調整。其,本屆評審表上的分數僅供參考。而對總成績及合格的要求,均由 音樂學院 各科教授評委簽署,為最終決定。本會并沒有參與其任何評審或決策。以此聲明。
感謝參與本屆考試。2021年度【中國中央音樂學院 校外音樂水平等級考試(加拿大區)】的详情將於短期內公佈。
如果你有任何疑問,請發電郵至 mail@bccma.net 與我們聯絡。
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