YungMing Liu: President

Dawson Zhou: Treasurer

Charlie Lui: Secretary Office

Xiangbin Xia: Member-at-Large

Gallant Wong: Member-at-Large

Xinhua Pan: Member-at-Large

Bill Lai: Founding President Advisor



Artistic Directors

For biographies, please refer to the Artistic Directors page.

Peggy Hua: Artistic Director of the B.C. Chinese Orchestra
Bruce Bai: Co-Artistic Director of BC Chinese Music Ensemble
Dailin Hsieh: Co-Artistic Director of BC Chinese Music Ensemble
Nathania Ko: Artistic Director of BC Youth Chinese Orchestra

Administrative Staff

Gloria Wong, Executive Officer
Amber Chen, Production Manager and Administrator
Maggie Lu: Marketing Manager and Composer
Annie Lai: Administrator
Xiangbin Xia: CCOM Exam Affairs
Helena Li: Orchestral Librarian
Tim Chan: IT Support
Charlie Lui: IT Support