The Daffodil Concert

B.C. Chinese Music Association  ~  B.C. Chinese Orchestra

20th Anniversary Celebration

~~~   The Daffodil Concert    ~~~

Fundraiser for Canadian Cancer Society


May 16, 2015   Saturday  7.30 pm

UBC Chan Centre

The Daffodil Concert celebrating the 20th Anniversary of < B.C. Chinese Music Association > & < B.C. Chinese Orchestra> also fundraising for < Canadian Cancer Society> will be held on May 16, 2015 Saturday 7:30 p.m. at the UBC Chan Centre For The Performing Arts.


This concert presents a unique showcase on the culture of Chinese ethnic instrumental music enhancing multiculturalism in BC.  The concert brings together the maestro and the new generation of brilliant young musicians to feature both traditional and contemporary Chinese repertoires for our music lovers.


Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the joint performance of the B.C. Chinese Orchestra conducted by Ray Zhuo, B.C. Youth Chinese Orchestra conducted by Gloria Wong, the BC Children’s Choir conducted by Dorothy Choi together with B.C. Chinese Music Ensemble : Suona soloist – Zhong-Xi Wu, Zhongruan soloist – Ge-Ling Jiang to be presented in this musical extravaganza.  The programs are :


            Orchestra:                               Jasmine, Great Wall Capriccio, Sketches of Tibetans at Sichuan

            Suona Concerto:                           Lady Hua Mu-Lan  /  Soloist :  Zhong-Xi Wu

            Zhongruan Concerto:                Music Poem at Frontier   /  Soloist :  Geling Jiang

           Erhu Soli:                                        Return from Pasture  /  Soloist : Nicole Li
           Pluck Ensemble:                          Travel around the World  / 

            Percussion & Orchestra:          Tigers Grinding Teeth

            Choir & Orchestra:                    BC Children’s Choir, BC Youth Chinese Orchestra               


British Columbia Chinese Music Association 20th Anniversary

加拿大庇詩中樂協會 庇詩中樂團 The 20th anniversary of  BC Chinese Music Association (BCCMA) BC Chinese Orchestra (BCCO) ~~~ 廿載絲竹楓葉情 ~~~ ** 誠懇邀請所有尊敬的新, 舊團員及親友們, 踴躍參加慶祝成立廿週年盛典的活動 ** 【庇詩中樂協會】和【庇詩中樂團】自1995年成立已20年!多年來憑籍中樂同好、尊業導師、年青一代的努力耕耘,共同在加拿大推廣中華民族音樂文化,提供發展中樂興趣的演奏及學習平台,提高中樂的地位,與各界人士分享優美的華夏音樂,滙入主流社會,配合加拿大發展多元文化政策,回饋社會! 為了慶祝成立二十週年,【庇詩中樂協會】計劃有三個音樂會活動,誠懇邀請所有各位新 / 舊團員提供意見,安排時間,出席排練,參加演出,分享您們貢獻的成果。 1/ 2015年5月16日星期六在UBC陳氏演藝中心舉辦【廿載絲竹楓葉情】音樂會,初步建議 : 合奏: 匯演歷年具有代表性及最受團員及觀眾歡迎的中樂名曲,初步提議 : 長城隨想曲、茉莉花、台湾追想曲、川藏素描、等… 協奏曲: 嗩呐 – 吳忠喜 ( 花木蘭 – 関廼忠 ) 、中阮 – 江革玲 ( 塞外音詩 – 顧冠仁 ) Read more…