Yueqi – Chinese Musical Instruments in Performance


The B.C. Chinese Music Association’s publication “Yueqi – Chinese Musical Instruments in Performance” funded by the Canadian government New Horizons for Seniors Program and Vancouver 125th Project focuses on the distinctive technical characteristics and performance techniques of Chinese musical instruments, based upon the rich history of Chinese music in Vancouver. Written in English, but cross-referenced in Chinese characters throughout, this book will facilitate the transfer of knowledge and preservation of specific instrumental traditions from the older generation of musicians to the younger, and particularly non-Chinese speaking generation. Senior musicians, in conjunction with the UBC School of Music, are involved in the planning, writing and publication of this book. This book will act as an inter-generational bridge, celebrating the various roles and skills of seniors in the community and enabling the next generation to capture and document their musical stories and a unique aspect of Vancouver’s cultural heritage.

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加拿大聯邦政府【長者新天地計劃】,授予庇詩中樂恊會項目,編寫和出版《分享華人社區的音樂和記憶》新書,提供本國55歲開始的長者,在新天地培 養情趣!本書將與卑詩大學民族音樂學家展艾倫博士合作編寫,內容介紹中華器樂慨念,包括樂曲、樂器、技術、維修等介紹,並訪記早期唐人街中樂人及事、具代 表性的演奏樂手、新舊演奏風格等資料。全書中、英圖文並茂,吸引長者及其他人士,培養他們對中樂的興趣,豐盛長者的人生!