Intercultural Innovations


The Intercultural Innovations Project explores the boundaries and connections between western orchestral music and Chinese traditional music.

Six composers, three from Canada and three from China, created new works that combine western and Chinese instrumentation. Musicians from the B.C. Chinese Music Ensemble joins forces with with Nu:BC Collective to form a large intercultural orchestra that workshops and presents the new compositions.

The texts collected here documents the B.C. Chinese Music Association “Intercultural Innovations” Project.
The first part consists of six composers’ interviews. The interviews were conducted separately. The brief biographical information about each composer appearing after each talk was taken from the programme notes of the project’s concert.

The second part consists of the Round Table Discussions of five composers on the day of the project’s concert. The project regrets that one of he project’s composers could not attend the discussions due to health reasons.


Individual Interviews


Dr. Jian-Ping Tang 唐建平 – English 中文

Dr. Ning Wang 王寧 – English 中文

Cheng-Long Zhou 周成龍 – English 中文

Dr. John Oliver – English

Owen Underhill – English

Dr. Dorothy Chang – English


Round Table Discussions

On Feb 18, 2011, five of the composers of the B.C. Arts Partners in Creative Development Project , Intercultural Innovations, discussed their experience with host Dr. Mei Han in the Music Room of UBC’s Asian Centre.
Host: Dr. Mei Han
Composers: Dr. Jian-ping Tang 唐建平, Dr. Ning Wang 王寧, Dr. John Oliver, Owen Underhill, and Dr. Dorothy Chang

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