CCOM Certificates

  Dear 2022 CCOM exam participants, The BCCMA is mailing out certificates for each registrant who successfully completed their CCOM examination in 2022. You should receive your certificate in the mail in April. Thank you for your patience!

CCOM Theory Exam Rules and Regulations

2022 CCOM Chinese Music Theory Examination Registration Notice: (请往下查看中文规则说明) In order to support students’ application for university credits, the Central Conservatory of Music now offers a Chinese Music Theory Examination in Canada and will begin accepting online registrations. Please read the exam regulations carefully before registering. The examination will be Read more…

2022 CCOM Exam

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1) 概述

中央音乐学院(Central Conservatory of Music)是中国最高音乐学府。为弘扬中华民族音乐文化,中央音乐学院自1989年起先后在多个国家和地区开展考级工作,本着普及音乐教育的宗旨,以严谨的学术作风和优良传统,为海内外业余学习中国乐器的音乐人士,提供专业权威性的水平鉴定与考核工作。