The B.C. Chinese Music Association (BCCMA) was formed in 1995 by enthusiastic Chinese music lovers who wished to promote Chinese music within our multicultural society. It provides a platform for Chinese music lovers and promotes Chinese music in the wider community. Its aim is to share Chinese musical culture with others to increase Canada’s understanding of Chinese culture through music.


The BCCMA is fortunate to have Honorary President Mr. S.K. Lee, Honorary Patron Dr. Paul C.H. Wong, and Honorary Advisors: Mr. Nai-Chung Kwan, Mr. Cheng-Fu Liu, Professor Alan Thrasher, Mr. Leung-Tak Tong, Mr. Hui-Chang Yan and Mr. Cheng-Long Zhou for guidance and support in achieving the association’s goals with professionalism.

The B.C. Chinese Orchestra (BCCO) was formed in 1995. The inauguration concert was held with in 1997 with 30 members and has been performing regularly in various cultural, festive, and charitable events for the community. The B.C. Chinese Music Ensemble (BCCME) and the B.C. Youth Chinese Orchestra (BCYCO) were formed to introduce virtuosos and to train young musicians respectively.


The BCCMA has organized lectures, master classes, instrument exhibitions, seasonal concerts, and fundraising concerts. It coordinated with the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival to help host the competition since 2001. It also collaborated with the Central Conservatory of Music, China to host the CCOM exam from 2006 onward in Canada.

The BCCMA is a designated charitable organization and a not-for-profit music society concentrating on the promotion of Chinese music culture and related activities. Your participation and support are most welcome.