Cancellation – 2017 Kiwanis Chinese Ethnic Instruments Festival

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From Kiwanis announcement:

Hello Chinese ethnic instrument students, teachers and families.
We very much appreciate your support of this section of the Vancouver Kiwanis Music Festival. The Chinese instruments were introduced over 15 years ago. At that time the annual registration numbers averaged 120 to 130.
For the past eight years the registration numbers have steadily declined. Last fall our administration team met with the BC Chinese Music Association’s team to try to find a way to keep this section of the festival running. The minimum target for registrations was set at 50. Unfortunately, we have only received 31 of the 50 required registrations. As a result this portion of the Festival will be canceled for 2017. This is not the news that either of our teams wished for. With the rising adjudicator and venue costs, 31 registrations will not cover the hard costs of mounting the Chinese Ethnic Instruments Festival.
You will receive a refund of your registration fees.
Thank you for the support you have shown the VKMF. We will consider re-instating the Chinese instrument discipline in the future should enough interest be shown.
Lynn van Zanten