CCOM Technique Exam 2017

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Central Conservatory of Music of China

B.C. Chinese Music Association

Jointly host

Chinese Musical Instruments

Technique Grade Exam in Canada

To expand the culture of Chinese music, B.C. Chinese Music Association (BCCMA), in collaboration with the Central Conservatory of Music of China (CCOM), will host in 2017 outside of Asia the 10th Chinese Instrumental Technique Grade Examinationon at Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Toronto and Montreal in Canada.  Being the major exam site outside of the Asian regions, contestants will be tested by the CCOM and subsequently will be issued Certificate of Accomplishment by the CCOM. 

The Central Conservatory of Music is China’s one of the most senior musical institute offering accredited examinations to overseas applicants.  The Standard Grade Examination Committee of the CCOM has the mandate of expanding musical education and its stylistic tradition, and it provides authoritative musical achievement level assessment for overseas Chinese instrumental musicians and students.

CCOM will assign examiners from Beijing based on designated criteria syllabus written by CCOM professors.  The aim of this collaboration is to raise the professional quality of Chinese music performance and to encourage the local development of multiculturalism in Canada.  There are total of 325 contestants to join the 2016 exam and the 2017 relative details are as follows :-

                            Region Schedule :                        

Vancouver              2017-10-21/22               Saturday, Sunday

Calgary                    2017-10-23                     Monday

Montreal                2017-10-24                      Wednesday

Ottawa                    2017-10-24                      Tuesday

Toronto                   2017-10-25/26                Thursday, Friday


Erhu ( Chinese bowed fiddle )             Pipa ( Chinese plucked pear-shape lute )

Yangqin ( Chinese dulcimer )              Zheng ( Chinese plucked zither )

Dizi ( Chinese bamboo flute )             Zhongruan ( Chinese plucked long-necked lute )

Sheng ( Chinese mouth organ )         Suona  ( Chinese horn )


In 2017, the entry form of CCOM Exam will be accepted from April 15, 2017 and the application form can be downloaded at Please note that the registration deadline is July 15, 2017.  

Please contact with the regional Program Coordinators or BCCMA on any enquiries or comments relating to the exam by Tel : 604-327-8807, e-mail : or website :

 Form Downloads: 

技術演奏考級簡章1    Exam Rules  2017 Entry Form      報名表 中樂考級宣傳稿 


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