May 14th 2018 Li Jia Pipa Solo Concert

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B.C. Chinese Music Association 庇詩中樂協會

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Li Jia Pipa Solo Concert 指尖芭蕾 李佳

Date: May 14, 2018 (Monday)
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Norman Rothstein Theatre – 950 W 41st Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Z 2N7
Tickets: $30

On May 14 Monday, BCCMA will invite Dr. Jia Li to perform a recital at Vancouver Norman Rothstein Theatre. Dr. Li got his PhD degree from China Conservatory of Music under the supervision of Dehai Liu, a reputed Pipa master in China. As the first doctorate majored in Pipa performance, she is currently Lecturer at China Conservatory of Music. Over the past few years, Dr. Li has presented a large number of concerts overseas and cooperated with many world famous orchestras, including Orchestre National De France, Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra, BBC National Orchestra of Wales. In this recital, she will play both traditional and new pipa solo pieces– The Emperor Discards His Armor, Reflection of the Moon (the pipa version adapted from the most famous erhu piece under the same name), Gold and Sand, Wild Geese Descending on Sandbank, and many others. Audiences will be astounded by Li’s top performance skills on this traditional lute-like instrument with a history of over two thousand years.

“嘈嘈切切錯雜彈,大珠小珠落玉盤。”李佳博士將於 5 月 14 日晚(週一)在溫 哥華諾曼洛夫斯坦劇院舉辦琵琶獨奏音樂會。畢業於中國音樂學院的李佳是中國第一位琵 琶演奏專業博士生,她的導師是琵琶大師劉德海。李佳現任教於中國音樂學院,曾參加過多次海內外大型演出,並和多個國內外知名樂團合作,包括法國國家交響樂團,德國斯圖加特廣播交響樂團,英國BBC 威爾士國家交響樂團、 中國愛樂樂團等。她於 2012 年入選 “CCTV 我心中的十大青年琵琶演奏家”。在本次獨奏會上,李佳博士將彈奏眾多古典和 現代琵琶名曲,其中包括“霸王卸甲”,“二泉映月”,“大浪淘沙”“平沙落雁”等等。其中琵琶版的“二泉映月”經過李佳的改編,突破了原有版本盛行的“苦”味風格。 “西 出陽關有故人”為世界首演。屆時現場觀眾將會近距離地欣賞到由中國頂尖水平演奏家表 演的這個具有兩千多年曆史的彈撥樂器。

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