May 20th 2018 Chinese-Canadian Miracle Concerts (Surrey)

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B.C. Chinese Music Association


Chinese-Canadian Miracle Concerts

-Fundraiser for BC Children’s Hospital Foundation-

Date: May 20, 2018 (Sunday)
Time: 7:30pm
Location: Bell Performing Arts Centre 6250 144 St, Surrey, BC V3X 1A2
Tickets: $25 (General Admission)

To help promote Chinese culture and music to the fast-growing city of Surrey, BCCMA accepts the invitation from Surrey Cultural Foundation, and will host a concert named “The Golden Melodies” in Surrey Bell Centre on May 20th Sunday. In this concert, BCCO will play together with Vancouver Folk Sing and Dance Troupe Choir to perform a classical piece Dream of the Red Chamber. “Dream of the Red Chamber” is an aspiring Chinese masterpiece remarkable for its detailed observations of the feudal societies of the mid-18th century. Renowned Composer Liping Wang encapsulated the spirits of the story when creating the soundtrack for the 1987 TV drama version of “Dream of Red Chamber”. This music series has long been a beloved classic for generations of Chinese audiences. More than 60 instrumentalists and 50 singers, led by conductor Peggy Hua, will participate this fascinating performance. At that night BCCO will also present Celebration Overture, Song of the General, Mode of Yu, and many others.

Established in 1995, BCCMA aims to provide multiple platforms to learn and promote Chinese music culture to the local communities and to enrich Canadian multiculturalism. The association currently has four subsidiaries: BC Chinese Orchestra, BC Chinese Music Ensemble, BC Youth Chinese Orchestra and BC Children’s Choir. The estimated total of over 200 members (including both music lovers and amateur musicians) have participated in the activities of the BC Chinese Orchestra since its establishment. The Orchestra has brought valuable opportunities for Chinese music lovers and improved Chinese music education for the local society.

為了推動中國音樂文化在飛速發展的素里市發展,庇詩中樂協會接受素里文化基金的邀請,將於5 月20 日晚(週日)在素裡藝術中心舉辦“樂韻歌聲獻素裡慈善音樂會“。在這個音樂會上,庇詩中樂團榮幸與溫哥華民族歌舞及合唱團聯袂合作並表演名曲“紅樓 夢組曲”。經典小說“紅樓夢”是由著名作家曹雪芹執筆,描述 18 世紀中國封建社會大 家族的興衰史。作曲家王立平在 1987 年電視劇“紅樓夢”中根據原著的內容,改編成了 一套電視劇片頭,片尾和插曲。這個曲目被幾乎所有中國觀眾熟悉並喜歡。演出當晚將由 青年指揮家華偲然率領 60 多位樂手和合唱團 50 位演唱者為大家表演。庇詩中樂團還將為 大家表演一系列其它經典曲目:慶典序曲,將軍令,羽調,寄少年等。

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