May 26th Cloud and Red Plum Fantasies Concert

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The B.C. Chinese Music Association (BCCMA) has been promoting Chinese music culture to local communities and enriching Canadian multiculturalism since its establishment 24 years ago. As the largest and most influential Chinese orchestra in North America, B.C. Chinese Orchestra (BCCO) strongly believes that good music is borderless and is able to penetrate into the hearts of every audience.


In May and July of 2019, BCCO will showcase two concerts in Vancouver and Surrey. Cloud and Red Plum Fantasies will be hosted at the Vancouver Playhouse Theatre on Sunday May 26th. Under the direction of Resident Conductor Ms. Peggy Hua and Gues Conductor Mr. Chi-Sheng Chen, more than 60 members will perform a wide-variety of repertoire on Chinese traditional instruments. The concert features two visiting musicians, Tingwei Li (First Chair of Erhu) and Lina Zhang (First Chair of Pipa) from Jilin Chinese Orchestra in China.


Audience will be experiencing the rich Chinese historic and cultural value in our music. A list of popular classical pieces, including Erhu Concerto Red Plum Capriccio, Pipa Concerto Cloud and Flower Fantasies, Spring Festival Overture, Flying Fairies etc. would certainly touch the audience with the flavorful resemblance with traditional folk songs. The thrilling concerto Red Plum Capriccio employs themes from an opera to express the praise for Red Plum’s persistence in the extreme coldness. It portrays the optimism and idealism of the noble virtue and spirit of the Red Plum. Cloud and Flower Fantasies is a new concerto composed on the basis of a classical Chinese poem written by the most well-known poet Li Bai from the Tang Dynasty. The Poem fully describes the poet’s deep love to a great beauty goddess in his mind.

“I always think of her silver clothing surrounded by drifting cloud and her stunning appearance in resemblance of flowers.”

Spring Festival Overture is a timeless Chinese masterpiece that portrays a flourishing scene of prosperity. It has been performed around the globe by numerous Chinese and Western symphony orchestras since its composition in 1955.


We hope to see everyone there.

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