BCCME Concert ‘Crossing II’ – Coproduction with VICO

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Crossing II with VICO Poster (.PDF – 270KB)

August 15, 2021
8:30 AM premiere at: https://youtu.be/hE64gmUpA_M

More info: https://www.youtube.com/bccma


Crossing II 是BC 華夏樂團繼2020年一月推出的Crossing系列音樂會的第二場。

原定於二零二一年一月與Annex舉行。因Covid 19疫情之影響,改爲劇場錄製后,綫上播放的音樂會。于二零二一年八月十五日上午八點三十分BCCMAYouTube頻道首播。

本系列音樂會主題名爲“Crossing”可意譯為 “從橫、交匯”或“跨越、穿越”,在於文化上做空間和立場角度的轉換,交叉跨越彼此之異同,繼而交匯貫通。Crossing II力求在傳統與現代中國音樂作品尋求一種平衡,以探尋重新組件新的音樂文化的可能性。是次綫上音樂會選取了三首作品,分別為,以東方視角為代表的加籍華人作曲家柏青林的《落》,與加籍越南裔作曲家Khac Chi的《春日氣息》;以及,從西方視角出發為代表的馬克·阿馬尼尼(Mark Armanini)改編自中國傳統音樂的《寒鴉戲水》,配合演奏家們精湛的演奏,乃華夏樂團可在加國穿梭於不同形態之源泉。這次錄音特別邀請到加拿大著名琵琶演奏家何秋霞,及青年笛子演奏家呂昀初與庇詩華夏樂團進行協奏。 “交匯”帶來了許多財富,豐富的文化,豐富的資源,豐富的新經驗和機遇。“穿越”會有風險,緩慢又充滿驚喜,卻可為後人提供學習之經驗。


‘Crossing II’ or moving across, changing placement or position is the cultural theme of this project and this application is the second installment of the very successful January 4, 2020, Crossing concert.

The concert will be streaming on August 15, 2021 8:30 am on BCCMA Youtube Channel

The project of Crossing II is a balanced program of traditional and contemporary works that refers to the common experiences of musicians and audiences of changing cultures and re-building in another location or situation. The mix of traditions and influences is unique to this program. The foundations of traditional music and the knowledge and skills of the musicians involved are the sources of crossing into new forms in Canada as represented by the works of Chinese Canadian composer Qinglin Bruce Bai Fall, Vietnamese Canadian composer Khac Chi The Scent of Spring, and from the western perspective crossing conversely is Mark Armanini The Lonely Duck in the Winter Pond. New cultural collaborations are being developed through the cultural connections with special guests Qiuxia He and BCCME. Also from Vietnam Khac Chi’s Scent of Spring a delightful dizi solo with Charlie Lui. This is a new area for the BCCME, ‘Crossing’ into new presentation techniques and visual theatrical spatial awareness.


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