BCCME Breaking Barriers Concert – July 17th 2022

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On July 17th, the BC Chinese Music Ensemble will present a unique concert titled “Breaking Barriers” at the Surrey Centre Stage. “Breaking Barriers” signifies not only the breaking of form, general structure and concept of music, but also the boundary of cultures. The project is a balanced program of traditional and contemporary works that refers to the common experiences of  musicians and audiences of changing cultures, changing restrictions, and re-building in another location or situation. The mix of cultural traditions and influences is unique to this program. Featured in the program are several new works and premieres, including Zhimin Yu’s The Other Side of Mountain, Mark Armanini’s “Heartland”, Bruce Bai’s “The Life of Mr. Zhang” (world premiere), and Rita Ueda “Hummingbird in Winter”.


The concert is on Sunday July 17 at 7:30pm at Surrey Centre Stage. The concert is free admission.


7月17日,庇诗华夏乐团将在  Surrey Centre Stage  举办一场名为 “Breaking Barriers” 的音乐会。 “破壁计划”不仅意味着音乐的形式、结构和概念的打破,也意味着文化边界的突破。 该项目具有着多种元素及传统和现代音乐的平衡,表现着音乐家和观众在文化变化、制度变化和在另一个地点或情况下重建生活的共同经历。 这场音乐会展现着一种独特的文化、传统的混合。 节目中将出现许多新作品,包括于志敏的《山的另一边》、马克 · 阿玛尼尼的《心田》、柏青林的《张生之生》(全球首演)和上田丽塔的《冬之蜂鸟》。
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