CCOM 2022 Online Video Examination Details and Procedures

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Details of the CCOM online video examination procedures for Canada

Rules of the video examination are hereby announced as follows:


  1. If using cellphone for recording please: check that the microphone is turned on, and use the rear camera of the phone. Shoot in landscape mode (horizontal). Please turn on the Do Not Disturb mode on your phone while recording.
  2. Video file requirement:
    1. Resolution must be 720p or lower
    2. Video file size must be under 2GB
    3. Video files not meeting the requirements above may be disqualified
    4. Use the following file name format (English legal name in the photo ID):

                                         E.g. Doe_John_Guzheng_5.mp4


  1. During the video recording process, please do not operate the phone.
  2. Other than the candidate, no other person should appear in the recording.
  3. At the beginning of the recording present your photo ID, and clearly pronounce your legal name, followed by the instrument and grade.
    E.g. (show photo ID) – “John Doe, Guzheng grade 5”
  4. Candidates who have memorized music must not show sheet music or other items on the video.
  5. Please complete the video recording from beginning to end in one take without interruption.
  6. Amplifying equipment and other musical accompaniment is not allowed.
  7. The camera must show the entire instrument being played as well as the upper body or entire body of the performer.
  8. The camera must rest on a stationary object and cannot be handheld.
  9. The exam submission window will start on October 20, 2022 12:00 am PDT and end on October 25th 11:59 pm PDT (Vancouver Time).
  10. Editing of the video or audio (other than video length trimming) is prohibited.


  • Recording location: choose a well lit location that is quiet, preferably with minimal echo
  • Watch through your recording before submitting to ensure it follows all rules and instructions
  • Do a test recording to check that video and audio quality is acceptable, and that your entire instrument is in the frame of the recording. 


B.C. Chinese Music Association

October 4, 2022





  1. 如使用手機錄影,請確認錄音話筒已打開,使用主鏡頭(非自拍鏡),並用橫向模式。可以開啟免打擾模式以確保錄影期間不會受到干擾。
  2. 視頻檔案要求:
    • 視頻像數必須720p或以下
    • 視頻檔案不得超過2GB Video file size must be under 2GB
    • 不符合規格之檔案可能取消資格
    • 檔案名字請用以下規格(用英文證件姓名):
      • LastName_FirstName_Instrument_Grade.mp4
      • 例子: Doe_John_Guzheng_5.mp4


  1. 錄影期間不得操作其他電話功能。
  2. 視頻中不得有考生以外的人出現。
  3. 錄影演奏開始前,先出示身份證明文件,再說出英文證件姓名、樂曲和級別 例子 (出示BC身份證) – “John Doe, Guzheng grade 5”
  4. 如考生背譜,視頻錄像中不可出現樂譜或其他物品。
  5. 不得分段錄影,必須完整一次錄完。
  6. 不得使用擴音器或伴奏。
  7. 錄像必須看到整個樂器,以及至少考生半身。
  8. 鏡頭必須於靜止架起,不能手提操作。
  9. 考級視頻於太平洋時間(溫哥華)十月二十日凌晨00:00開始開放上傳,至十月二十五日晚上11:59分截止。
  10. 出剪接視頻長度以外、不得作任何其他修改。



  • 錄影空間:適宜用充足光線、寧靜而少回音的空間。
  • 先做一次錄影測試確保視頻及錄音符合規格:鏡頭包括了整個樂器等。
  • 正式錄影後請回看一次確保跟隨以上細則。





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