Concert at Gateway Theatre on May 20th

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Spring Blooms Memories of Old: Concert on May 20th, 2023, 7:30pm at Gateway Theatre in Richmond

The BC Chinese Orchestra is collaborating with the Grand Ensemble Chorus to produce the concert, Spring Blooms Memories of Old. The concert features a dazzling mix of traditional and contemporary repertoire. The evening will begin with a rousing arrangement of Dance of the Golden Snake (Jinshe Kuangwu) a traditional piece based on a qupai tune called Laohua Liuban and will end with a tribute to pop legend, Theresa Teng. In the medley, Memories of the Colour Blue (Lanse de Sinian), the audience will have an opportunity to sing along with the orchestra on famous tunes such as The Moon Represents my Heart (Yueliang daibiao wode Xin) and The Story of A Small Town(Xiaocheng gushi)..etc. The concert also features Memories of Childhood (Tongniang de Huiyi) by famous Taiwanese composer Lianghui Lu and world premieres of two choral-orchestra arrangements by Maggie Lu: Chrysanthemum Stage (Juhua Tai) and Praise to the Pear Blossom (Lihua Song).


花開思憶春正濃: 2023/5/20 7:30pm 在 Gateway Theatre 上縯



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