Transcending Eras: The Gathering of Heroes – Concert May 18 2024

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Transcending Eras: The Gathering of Heroes is the annual concert celebrating the 29th anniversary of the BC Chinese Orchestra (BCCO) in 2024. This concert promises to be a thrilling musical extravaganza centered around the captivating theme of “Heroes.” We have carefully prepared a selection of evocative traditional pieces for this occasion. Among them is the renowned “General’s Command,” originally part of the string ensemble repertoire collected by Rongzhai in the Qing Dynasty in 1814. This piece has undergone several adaptations and became prominently featured in Hong Kong films and television series related to Wong Fei-hung in the 1940s. Additionally, we will present a suite of six complete movements from the 1959 Chinese dance drama “Dagger Society.” In addition to the overture, we are delighted to have the soprano Ms. Miao Quanting from the Vancouver Chinese Choir and an elite group from the Vancouver Chorale joining us. Their vocal prowess will add depth and emotion to the concert. Following these classical pieces, the orchestra will showcase modern compositions. First is “Kamalan,” composed by Taiwanese composer Su Wenqing in 2008, inspired by the mythological stories of the Yilan region (formerly known as Kamalan). Lastly, our concertmaster, Anna Fang, will perform the erhu concerto “Chu Song,” composed by prominent Chinese composer Li Bochan in 2014, depicting the historical tale of “Farewell My Concubine.” We are also pleased to have young musicians from the BC Youth Chinese Orchestra (BCYCO) joining us, sharing their own pieces and collaborating with the BCCO to portray the heroic spirit and scenes embedded in “Chu Song.”

『跨越時空 英雄滙萃』是2024年庇詩中樂團(BCCO)29週年的年度音樂會,這場音樂會將以激動人心的主題『英雄』、來展開一場音樂的盛宴。
在兩首古韻悠揚的曲子之後,中樂團帶來了耳目一新的近代曲目:一開始是2008年發表的《噶瑪蘭》,由臺灣作曲家蘇文慶作曲,創作背景為宜蘭地區(舊名噶瑪蘭)的神話故事。最後,由我們的樂團的首席Anna Fang帶來二胡協奏曲《楚頌》,於2014年由中國著名作曲家李博禪所創作,內容是描寫『霸王別姬』的歷史故事;我們也邀請了庇詩中樂協會的青年團-庇詩青年中樂團(BCYCO)的年輕音樂家們共同,除了他們自己的曲目、也會與BCCO共同描繪出《楚頌》所蘊含的英雄氣魄與狀況場。


This concert is filled with thrilling repertoire that you won’t want to miss! General admission price is $30 per ticket ($28+$2 commission fee). You can book tickets by visit gateway theatre’s ticket office for in-person purchases, or through the online link:

這場音樂會節目豐富,大家萬勿錯過,票價:$30($28+手續費$2)、自由入座,購買門票請親臨gateway theatre的售票處、或是到他們的網站 :