Melody of 1000 Strings – BCYCO Annual Concert 2024

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庇師青年中樂團將在2024年6月15日於Annex 舉辦他們的年度音樂會。團員們將展示迷人的曲目,如遊戲音樂的重奏、經典的傳統曲目和耳熟能詳的歌曲。數十年來,我們組織的使命一直是為致力於保護自己文化遺產並為喜愛中國音樂的青年建立一個有趣和教育性的環境。如果您想見證這場活動,請在您的日曆上標記這個日期,我們期待很快見到您!

On June 15th, the BC Chinese Youth Orchestra will be presenting their annual concert at the Annex Theatre. The youths will be showcasing fascinating repertoires such as game music and traditional solo repertoires. For decades, the mandate of our organization has been to establish a fun and educational environment for youths who are dedicated to preserving their cultural heritage and promoting Chinese music. Please mark the date in your calendar if you’d like to witness this spectacular event, and we hope to see you soon!