Silk Bamboo and Maple



In celebration of their Chinese musical heritage, the British Columbia Chinese Music Association(BCCMA) presents a concert, Silk,Bamboo and Maple, performed by the BC Chinese Music Ensemble (BCCME).The event ismusically inspired by the historicalSilkand Bamboo style from the Jiangzu region in China and its contemporary migration to Vancouver. The story is told through the performance of Silk and Bamboo masterpieces Walking in the Streetand Ambling in Suzhou. The migration of the style to Canada is reflected in theCanadian music of BCCME conductor Rui-shi Zhuo, BCCME Producer Mark Armanini, composer John Oliverand a world premiere by Zhumin Yu, ruan virtuosoand member of the BCCME.

The performance is centeredon pipa virtuoso Gui Lian Liu. A longtime BCCME member, Gui Lian Liu is considered one of the top pipa virtuosi of the past century. Gui Lian will perform a traditional work for solo pipa Spring Rainand lead the ensemble in the performance of the traditional works. Also featured in a solo role is suona performer Zhong Xi Wu.

Repertoire: Eagle flies to Mountain-John Oliver

Ling-Rui-shi Zhuo

From the Pure Land-Mark Armanini

The Other side of the Mountain-Zhimin Yu

Walking on the Street-traditional

Ambling in Suzhou-traditional

Spring Rain-traditional


          The BC Chinese Music Association has three main subsidiaries: The BCCME, an ensemble of professional musicians, composers and teachers; the BC Chinese Orchestra (BCCO),which has over 50 musicians for concerts and performances; and the BC Youth Chinese Orchestra (BCYCO),a conservatory program with grades through the Ministry of Education. The Executive Director of the BCCMA is Bill Lai.The BCCMA provides opportunities to learn and perform traditional Chinese music; promotes Chinese music culture and music appreciation; engages in cross cultural activitiesin the community with public performances, and shares Chinese traditions with Canadian society, enriching the community at large. A book titled, Yueqi: Chinese Musical Instruments in Performance was published by the BCCMA in 2011. Written by Alan R. Thrasher and Gloria N. Wong, it focuses on fundamentals of performance practice for Chinese instruments such as the pipa, zheng, erhu, and dizi.

The repertoire includes Canadian and Chinese works performed or commissioned in the past 10 years, Vancouver Premieres, and new arrangements by conductor and composers Rui Shi Zhuo, John Oliver, and Producer Mark Armanini. The concert features composers and musicians Mei Han, Randy Raine–Reusch, Gui Lian Liu, Francois Houle, Zhi-Min Yu, and Song Yun.