2022 CCOM Theory Exam Rules and Regulations

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2022 CCOM Chinese Music Theory Examination Registration Notice:


In order to support students’ application for university credits, the Central Conservatory of Music now offers a Chinese Music Theory Examination in Canada and will begin accepting online registrations. Please read the exam regulations carefully before registering. The examination will be held in-person at 9:30 am on February 11, 2023, at 303 – 8495 Ontario Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

  1. How to Register:

This year’s registrations will be completed entirely online, and offline registrations will not be accepted. The name and other information filled in by candidates must be consistent with the photo ID presented during the exam. The ID should be government-issued and non-expired. This ID will be used for reference during the exam, and no exam permit will be issued.

   2. Contents of the exam:

General knowledge of instrumental music: fill in the blanks, true or false, multiple choice, explanation of terms

Basic music theory: multiple choice questions, fill in the blank questions, mix and match questions, Q&As, analysis questions

   3. Examination materials:

Compiled by the Central Conservatory of Music Examination Committee ~ [Textbooks for the Seventh, Eighth, and Ninth Grade Examinations] “Fundamental Knowledge Base for Chinese Instrumental Music – Basic Music Theory Exams” Chinese version. “Chinese Traditional Instrumental Music Theory – Basic Music Knowledge for Examinations” Chinese/English version. Those who do not have this book can log on to the association’s website, www.BCCMA.net, to purchase it.

   4. Examination procedure:

The test is an in-person 90-minute closed-book exam. Candidates can choose Chinese or English test papers: The Chinese exam paper is based on the scope of the Chinese textbook “Fundamental Knowledge Base for Chinese Instrumental Music – Basic Music Theory Exams”. The English test paper is prepared according to the contents of the Chinese/English textbook “Chinese Traditional Instrumental Music Theory – Basic Music Knowledge for Examinations”.

  5. Registration fee:

The registration fee is $100 CAD, and accepted payment methods include PayPal and e-transfer. Please upload proof of payment after paying, and click “Send Me a Copy” before submitting to receive confirmation. Please do not submit the same registration form repeatedly.

   6. Time and place:

  The registration period is open until January 15th. The examination time is 9:30 am on February 11, 2023.

  Exam location: BC Chinese Music Association; 303 – 8495 Ontario Street, Vancouver, B.C., Canada. V5X 3E8

   7. Please take note:

  • Candidates can update their information online before the registration deadline. If there are any changes after the deadline, a $20 change fee will be charged.
  • When filling out the registration form, please be sure to correctly fill in your address, phone number, and email, so as to facilitate contact and mailing certificates.
  • Candidates must arrive at the exam room 15 minutes before the exam time, report to the test center staff, and enter the room only after verifying that their photo IDs are correct. Late candidates will be refused admission.
  • Candidates who fail to take the test on time will be deemed to have forfeited automatically, and will not be given a make-up test, nor will the test fee be refunded. Candidates who are unable to attend the exam due to contagious diseases must submit medical certificates within 10 days after the exam period, and the paid exam fee will be refunded. Late applications will not be accepted.
  • Except for the invigilators, local staff, interpreters and related staff of the Central Conservatory of Music, no one is permitted to stay or remain outside the examination room to watch or record the examination.
  • Candidates and other related individuals should take care of their belongings brought to the exam centre. Parents, teachers, or guardians are responsible for the personal safety of young candidates on the exam site. Except for examination necessities such as writing stationery, candidates are not allowed to bring other items into the examination room. The use of mobile phones is prohibited in the examination room.

The Chinese Central Conservatory of Music and the BC Chinese Music Association reserve the right to accept or reject the right of any person to apply for the exam, as well as deciding the final score of the examinations.



     为了配合部分学生的大学学分申请,加拿大中央音乐学院中乐乐理考级报名将于即日开始通过网络报名,报名前请仔细阅读该考试章程。考试将在2023年2月11日上午9:30举行;地点为卑诗中乐协会; 303 – 8495 Ontario Street, Vancouver, B.C.

  1. 报名方式


  1. 考试的内容:


  1. 考试教材:

中央音乐学院考级委员会编订 ~〔第七、八、九级试使用课本〕 《中国民族器乐常识-基础乐理测试范围》 中文版。 《中国传统器乐理论-音乐基础知识测试范围》 中/英文版。 没有该书的可以登录协会的网站 www.BCCMA.net 购买。

  1. 考试方法:

闭卷答题,考试时间为 90 分钟,考生可选用中文或英文答卷: 中文试卷按《中国民族器乐常识-基础乐理测试》中文课本范围出题。 英文试卷按《中国传统器乐理论-音乐基础知识测试》中/英文课本范围出题。

  1. 报名付费:

报名费为100加元,付款方式有PayPal 和e-transfer。付款后别忘了上传付款凭证。发布前请点击“发送回复我的副本”,以确保发布成功,同一个报名表请不要重复发布。

  1. 时间和地点:

  报名时间自即日起至11月20日截止。考试时间为2023年2月11日上午9:30。考试地点:卑诗中乐协会; 303 – 8495 Ontario Street, Vancouver, B.C. Canada.

  1. 注意事项:
  • 在报名截止日期前考生可以上网更改有关的信息,截止日期后如有更改需要支付$20的更改费用。
  • 在填写报名表时请务必正确填上你们的联系地址电话和邮件,以便于联系和邮寄证书等。
  • 考生须于应考时间前 15 分钟到达试场,向考场职员报到,经审核带相片的身 分证件无误后方可进入考场。迟到考生将会被拒绝入场。
  • 考生未能按时参加考试将视为自动弃,不予补考,也不退回考费。考生如带有传染性的 疾病而不能出席应考,须于考试期后 10 天内提交医生证明文件,己缴付的考费可以退回,逾期申请恕不接受。
  • 除中央音乐学院的监考代表、当地职员、传译员和有关工作人员外,任何人不得停留或徘徊在考场门外视看或拍录考试情况。
  • 考生或其他有关人等携往考试地点的财物,应自行保管,年幼考生在考试地点的人身安 全,一概由家长、老师、或监护人负责。 除考试必需品如书写文具外,考生不得携带其他物品进入考场,考场禁止使用手提电话,如有携带者,必须关机,违例者可取消考试资格。


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